Here’s nine of the thirty slides I came up with for a poster-making workshop I was hired to give at the very last minute. Not very professional of the org, but I was bored enough to agree and hey, I got a free shirt!

A reduced quality version of important parts of the presentation is up for download here.

Some basic rules of poster-making. I was actually expected to teach step-by-step Photoshop basics, but from experience, I know that two hours is insufficient to retain anything gleaned from watching somebody do their own version of a tedious process. There are many ways to get the same result on Photoshop, so rather than teaching the attendees technical work, I opted to teach them design basics.

I also taught the attendees “In der Beschränkung…” which has sort of transformed into my mantra. It’s generally regarded to mean “less is more” but what it really means is that masterful work reveals itself when perfection is attained within limits.

Ideally this means that perfection is when all elements in place are vital in such a way as to take out one element would be to destroy the balance of things.

Sometimes, however, I take “Beschränkung” to mean less of an effort. As in, do the best job you can possibly do with as little effort as you can manage.

Not a very good philosophy to live by, but I can manage.

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